Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trophy Madness

This past month I spent most of my time playing one of my favorite rhythm games “Rock Band 2”. Because I was very good with the guitar after playing all Guitar Hero games before Rock Band, I continued playing the guitar. The drums although were very fun to play, they are very hard and frustrating. I don’t find myself good at singing as well, so I just tossed the mic aside.
One of the reasons I played Rock Band a lot was because I love the game very much but another side of me was playing it for the trophies, some I obtained normally while playing through the tour mode while others required specific conditions met but none of
those conditions were close to what I have experienced yesterday.
Before I continue, let me explain the trophy system briefly. It is a system used on the Playstation 3 consoles in which players get awarded with 3 types of trophies reflecting their skills in videogames but not all games support trophies. Anyway, a bronze trophy which is worth 1 point is obtained normally during your regular gameplay and most of the time considered easy to obtain but there are exceptions. A silver trophy is considered harder, it is worth 2 points, can be sometimes obtained for completing the game but mostly when you achieve some difficult requirements. The last but not the least is the gold trophy, a trophy that is worth 6 points and is mostly very hard to acquire. Here is a picture showing my latest trophy card which you can check on your console, Sony’s official website or other third party website such as playfire, which is the most popular because it is one of the first sites to support gamer cards.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

New piano video…

If you read my previous blog you already know that I did post two piano videos. Today I’m posting the third one, it is the start of my second training phase, a level 2 piano piece.
This short piece of music you will here is the second of six Romanian folk dances by the brilliant Hungarian composer “Béla BARTÓK” 
I will play the rest of the five remaining folk dances in the next phases because they are harder and I’m still not good enough to play them all together, but then when it is time I will record a single video for all of them together. I leave you now with my third piano video.
Until next time, thanks for watching
- Ali -

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to piano practice again…

It has been a long time since I sat on my piano chair and played for more than half an hour and hence I lost a lot of my piano playing skills, it is not as if I was a great piano player but I definitely was much better than today.
Just recently my cousin and her husband visited us from the United States. It is the first time for me to meet her husband who is by the way a piano player, conductor and a composer. He played some piano for us and I was astonished by his playing skills, since that day I’ve been thinking about how I neglected a great hobby. When I played a little for him he said that I’ve got the basics and encouraged me to continue specially that I learned mostly by myself and taking some private lessons will surely improve my playing more. I was greatly inspired by him and decided to get back to my old hobby.
Just few days after they left I spent countless hours searching for piano sheet music from the Internet and sorting them by difficulty from level 1 to 10. I really doubt reaching level 7 but I will try my best and dedicate at least one hour a day for practicing and I’ve already started and finished two level 1 piano pieces and now and I’m already practicing my first level 2 piece.
I decided to post a video of every piece I finish and here are the first two piano videos. The 1st piece is Mozart’s while the 2nd is Bach’s.
I really encourage anyone who is reading this right now to improve any sort of hobby he likes to do because it really feels great to be good in something ;)

- Ali -

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tim Schafer needs help...

While I was checking the latest gaming news yesterday I saw this funny mini game on the doublefine.com website which is called "Host Master and the Conquest of Humor".

It resembles the gameplay of the fine adventure games by LucasArts such as the famous Monkey Island and Sam & Max. In this mini game you have the control over Tim Schafer in a single room, he is in desperate need for some jokes to use at the GDC because he forgot to write new ones LOL. So your mission is to search the room for some old jokes and then whenever you are ready you exit the door to start the GDC. I managed to find a total of 8 jokes which I presumed are all the ones I could search for and went out, then I've been told that I collected 8 OUT OF 22, LOL I didn't expect there is a total of 22 jokes in this tinny room O.O.

If you enjoy this type of gameplay and you are up to the challenge of finding the 22 jokes then try it out, here is a direct link to the game ;)

Funnily the dude in the game looks exactly the same as Tim Schafer at the GDC, check out the below picture LOOOL

Tell me if anyone of you got the 22 jokes ;)

- Ali -